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How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network


How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network
Have you been facing the issue where your blogger custom domain doesn't open when you use Glo network to browse and sometimes Airtel. It has also occurred to me and I was like, would I tell my visitors not to browse with Glo? Obviously no. And when visitors are unable to access your blog due to this fact, then you are losing a lot of visitors, because Glo network is one of the widely used mobile network in Nigeria, which is due to the fact that they provide more data bundle than other telecommunication networks in Nigeria. 
In this tutorial, I will help you understand how to make blogger custom domain open on Glo network. And if you are looking for proof, our blog "" alone is a good proof.

Most times you might have been wondering "Why is Glo not opening my blogger since I added custom domain?", "Why is my blogger custom domain not working on glo network?", and with that same Glo network you would be able to access some other blogspot sites with custom domains, how do they solve the problem you are facing? Some people might even tell you that the only solution is for you to move to WordPress, but it's not. I am here with perfect solution. 

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network 

In other to solve this problem, you need to follow these steps strictly. First you need to check the following settings on your blogger after connecting it with your custom domain. 

How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network
As shown above, make sure that your Blogspot HTTP redirect to Https and make sure redirects to 

After doing that you might have to wait for 5 to 10 minutes for processing to be done. 

Once the above is fully activated, then move to the following steps. 

Steps To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network

All you need include:
  • An Email account.
  • Access to your domain registrar (e.g godaddy).
  • Mobile device or System. 
With all these available, you are good to go. All the steps won't take you more than 5 minutes and you are done. 

Part A

(1) Go to cloudflare and sign up with your email address. You will receive a verification mail few seconds after registration, check your mailbox to verify your email or do that after the process.

(2) After successful registration, you would be required to enter your site link as shown above. Enter your domain name e.g and continue.

(3) Next, select free plan and scroll down to confirm plan. After it has scanned your site, it will show you your A records and CNAME records. Cross check and scroll down to continue

(4) After above step is successful, now you would be taken to the page where your current DNS will be shown and new name servers to replace them with, as shown below. 

(5) Log into your domain registrar account and change your name server from the default to the new one you were given on cloudflare, as shown below. 

(6) After saving the new name servers, go back to your cloudflare account and recheck the name server. You might have to wait for 5 minutes for the new name servers to be fully functional. Then reload the cloudflare page.

Now that your site is connected with cloudflare, thus you are done with the part A of How To Make Blogger Custom Domain Open On Glo Network. Now follow the below steps and only it for your website to be fully active. 

Part B

(1)  Click in the SSL tab. Then in the encryption mode, select full. 

(2) Click on Edge Certificates, make sure Always Use HTTPS is turned on

(3) Click on the speed tab fill the boxes as shown below

(4) Click on caching tab, and make sure "Always online" is turned on, and leave the rest. 

(5) Click on Page Rules and follow my guide exactly as it is below.
  • Create a new page rule (single) and set it as shown below.
just change* to your site address including the /*

Once you are done with the above, click Save and Deploy. You can now check your blog on Glo network.

If you follow all the steps correctly, your blog would work perfectly on Glo network. And if after doing all these, your blog still did not open on Glo network, you need not to panic, wait for at most 2 hours and recheck your blog.

Feel free to share and comment, if there is anything you need, we are here to help. 

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