Thursday, July 2, 2020

How To Check Website Or Blog Speed Accurately


How To Check Website Or Blog Speed Accurately

How To Check Website Or Blog Speed ​​Accurately

The loading speed of a website or blog is certainly also an important factor in improving SEO. How not, Google highly recommends a blog or website with a good loading speed.

Imagine, when someone visits your blog and the loading is heavy, what will happen? If I personally, I will close and search for information from other blogs. If not handled properly, heavy loading will have a negative impact on future blog ranking.

5 Important Reasons for a Good Website Speed

1. Impatient Visitors to Get Information

In the fast-paced era like today, it is unfortunate if your website is still slow. Internet users can't wait to get what they want, whether it's getting information or buying products.

According to Google research, 53 percent of Indonesian internet users leave websites loading more than 3 seconds.

2. Visitors Don't Return to a Slow Website

Once a visitor knows that your website is loading for a long time, it's likely that they won't return to visit your website.

Based on the KissMetric survey, 79 percent of visitors will not return to the website they consider loading long.

3. Answering the Needs of Smartphone Users

It is undeniable that smartphones or smartphones have become an inseparable part of Indonesian society. According to Google research 94 percent of internet users in Indonesia access the internet through smartphones.

As a website owner you must answer this challenge by optimizing the loading speed of the website on mobile devices.

4. Fast Website Ranking Higher in Google

To determine ranking in search results, Google uses various factors. One of them is the loading speed of a website. The faster your website loads, the better your website's value will be assessed.

This factor applies to desktop and mobile search results.

5. Website Fast, Visitors Grow Rapidly

Increasing the speed of the website does not appear aimlessly. As mentioned in point 4 earlier, the faster the website loads, the better the website's value in Google search. Of course this can increase the growth of website visitors.

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