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6 Techniques to Increase Instagram Engagement


6 Techniques to Increase Instagram Engagement

Techniques to Increase Instagram Engagement
Instagram is a medium that has very many active users. In Nigeria alone, Instagram is one of the most reliable media in selling online. Almost every online businessman in Nigeria has an Instagram account. 

This certainly has a reason why they rely on social media as one of their sales media. One of them is because Instagram users are very many and are quite active in social media.

Proven many online business people who can reap millions to hundreds of millions every month by only relying on Instagram. Certainly not instant, it takes the process of building their business accounts so that followers increase sales in demand.

Lots of followers don't necessarily guarantee sales on Instagram, there are many other factors to consider, are followers really human or even bots (robots)? Do your followers fit your target market? And others. Think about it.

Besides that there is one more important thing that you need to pay attention to in social media such as Instagram, which is engagement.

This engagement is the level of engagement and interaction of your followers with your Instagram account, such as giving likes, comments, and shares to your posts.

This is important, the higher the level of interaction and engagement, your posts will continue to rise so that it can be seen by other followers. And your account can become more popular.

There are at least 6 things you can do to increase institutional engagement.

What are they? Let's discuss one by one

1. Posts that touch emotions
You must have, right when you open social media like on Facebook or Instagram and find a post that touches the emotional side.

Like for example a post that reviews the struggle of a father or about a mother. Usually posts like this will get responses very quickly from other social media users, such as likes, comments, and even share with friends on social media.

Examples of content that can touch emotions such as outpouring, love, matchmaking, and parents. 

The content is always successful in attracting the user's attention. So from now on try to create content like this.

2. Post content that is controversial
There is no doubt that controversial content very quickly attracts attention and gets responses from other social media users.

Controversial here means that the content is slightly contrary to the expectations of your followers, so it can lure them to express their opinions. With bigitu eating your content interaction will increase.

For example: content that provokes questions about persib with the jak. This content is usually very provoking emotions of the supporters and hater and his fans.

3. Include a Call to Action that attracts attention
Although Instagram focuses more on content with visuals, it does not mean you ignore the words in the post or what is commonly called a caption.

In this caption you must include a Call To Action sentence, or a call sentence to perform an action. For example, just actions to like and comment on your posts.

Example: You can add the words: "Like and Tag Your Friends, OK .."

Call To Action can also be applied to images, examples that are often used like "Tap 2x Drawn Yes". This is a clear goal to increase the number of likes, so that the engagement of your posts goes up.

4. Post content that is trending
Something that is trending will be very fast viral and will certainly increase interaction with the content.

If your ig account is only a share and status update, you can use trending content with any theme.

But if your IG account is used for sales, I suggest looking for content that is still relevant to your business and audience.

You can find what content is currently trending but still relevant to your business.

For example, you sell Muslim fashion, you don't have to look for fashion content too, you can use Islamic content, motivation, etc. Which certainly must still be relevant to your product.

Do not share content that is not related at all or even contradictory. For example, your products are Muslim fashion, then you share the bikini content, don't you connect.

5. Use content that provokes interaction
Often see content that provokes curiosity and forces us to click love right? Yes, that is one example.

For example, there is an inscription that says "Double Tap" or "Write what you read". Usually this is a gambaf that has been edited in such a way that the writing on the picture is disguised, so that makes people curious to find out what writing is behind the picture.

This method proved very effective in provoking interactions.

6. Make typical original content
Have you ever missed a certain person's writing? The writing is easy to read feel can explain something, etc.?

Yes, that is the strength of original content, which has a characteristic in its delivery. Usually the followers will also be more interactive with the content they create. Because they are always always waiting for updates from the content writer.

So do not be surprised if the original original content will have a high interaction and viral fast.

Now that's a few tips you can use to increase engagement on Instagram. May be useful.

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