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The Main Purpose of Implementing Website SEO for Online Businesses


The Main Purpose of Implementing Website SEO for Online Businesses

The Main Purpose of Implementing Website SEO for Online Businesses

In an online business, one of the keys to success is in marketing and content. The media used to promote the most popular businesses today are usually social media like Instagram and Facebook

In addition there is one technique that is also often used by online businesses to reach more prospective customers in cyberspace, namely SEO optimization techniques (Search Engine Optimization) on websites.

Online business people who have a website are strongly advised to use this technique.

Actually what is the main purpose in implementing SEO?

Maybe you think that SEO only reaches the first position of search results.

Or maybe it's just "dominating" the keywords that have a lot of search.

Some also might still think that SEO only reaches Cold Audience .

That means maybe SEO only reaches people who are just looking for information.

If that's all you think about SEO right now, you should change your mindset right now. 

Though SEO can contribute to getting potential customers (Warm Audience) for your business.

Yes, it might be possible to get potential customers who are just a little bit ready to buy your product.

Information Category
People may search for a lot of the information they need in search engines.

You do this by entering certain keywords, then the search results will appear.

If you look back, you will find several categories of information that they type.

Now that information is that if you look carefully, it might be able to bring potential customers to your business.

You can even choose what kind of customer category you want to look for.

Of those who might still be unfamiliar about your product, or maybe who are ready to buy your product.

See the Search Topic

For example, you are looking for a new laptop to support your performance.
Then you are looking for a laptop with a certain price range and of course the best quality.

You type keywords:
The best 5 million laptop price
Finally you get the information that a good laptop with a certain price range is brand A, B and C.

Maybe you feel it fits with brands A and B, but you are still confused about choosing it.

Then you look for which one is the best of both.

You type keywords:
Comparison of A and B brand laptops
Once you feel confident buying a brand A laptop, you are ready to buy the product.

Only then will you start to re-type the other keywords:
The cheapest A laptop selling place in Lagos
See the difference?

See any Funneling patterns there?

Yes, you will meet 3 different customer stages.

So, what keywords do you want to target?

Sales Funnel for SEO
If you see a Funneling pattern from the story above, then that means you already understand the basics of funneling.

You may already understand that customers must go through certain stages before finally deciding to buy.

Your prospective customers do not suddenly buy your product.

They might first research your product.

So the Funneling pattern for SEO might be one of your ways to get potential customers.

If you understand the tricks, as well as the Sales Funnel, SEO can contribute a lot to your sales.

So the conclusion is that the basic purpose of SEO is to bring traffic to our website, but if it is implemented in business, SEO can be developed again to bring potential traffic into your business customers.

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