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5 simple SEO tips to increase your website rank on Google


5 simple SEO tips to increase your website rank on Google

5 simple SEO tips to increase your website rank on Google

In managing a website or blog we should not neglect SEO. Because without good SEO optimization, our website will be difficult to compete with other websites to be on the first page of Google, so the potential for getting visitors is smaller.

Yes, people who search for information on Google will only visit websites that are on the first page of Google. This means that if your website is on pages two, three, and so on will potentially be ignored by visitors.

That is the importance of SEO optimization on the website.

By The Way, you already know what SEO is.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization or in Indonesian Search Engine Optimization. The search engine referred to here is of course Google.

So this Seo is an attempt to optimize a website so that it is liked by Google so that the website ranking will increase in search results.

There are many seo techniques taught by seo experts, ranging from simple tricks to complex ones. Of course all methods have been tested for accuracy.

In this article I will only try to provide simple SEO tips, because indeed I am not an SEO expert, I only share what I have learned and if this method is implemented correctly, God willing, useful and can improve website ranking. Here are 5 simple SEO tips so that your website will have a good ranking on Google

1. Optimize Title, url, and description

First make a title that contains the keywords / keywords you want to target. And Url must also have keywords, for url try not to be too long a maximum of five words.

Next create a search description that is informative and describes the contents of your article. And don't forget to paste keywords in this description.

Suppose you want to make an article about Gamis Shari clothing by targeting the keywords Gamis Shari Supplier. So make sure the keywords are in the title, in the url, and in the search description.

For the title you can add some complementary words in front of or behind the keywords.

2. Create useful and fresh content

Next your content must provide useful information, as well as provide a solution to the problem discussed. This means that in one article make information as complete as possible so that readers do not need to look for other references. And also your content must be fresh. This means you have to make articles that discuss things that are still fresh, something new.

3. Increase the speed of time to load your website

Apart from the content side, you also have to pay attention to the speed of loading the website, because this is also one of the factors that concern Google. If your website is loading slowly, readers will leave your website and look for information from other websites. This will be detected by Google and your website will be deemed not friendly to visitors, so that it can make your website rank down on the google search page.

4. Make sure your website is mobile friendly

As we know, the current usage of mobile devices is very high. People are more likely to browse using a mobile device rather than using a computer or laptop. And this is also a concern of Google, even now Google has begun to prioritize websites with a mobile friendly display that is displayed on the first page of Google search. This means that if your website is not mobile friendly your website ranking might drop. To make your website look mobile friendly, you only need a template that has been designed with a mobile friendly appearance. To get a template like this is not difficult, because almost all templates made today are designed for the mobile version.

5. Regrate the website with Google webmaster tools

After completing content optimization, loading speed, and mobile display, don't forget to register your website on Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster. This method makes your website easier and faster indexed by Google. If not, your website will need more time to be indexed by Google.

How to register is also very easy, you only need to add your website domain on Google Webmaster and create an xml sitemap.

Now those are some simple SEO tips that I can share this time, hopefully useful.

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