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Understand These 3 Market Types To Sell Well


Understand These 3 Market Types To Sell Well

Understand These 3 Market Types To Sell Well

In the business world there are many things you need to pay attention to so that product sales can increase, such as the types of products sold, marketing techniques, target markets, and so forth.

But on this occasion I will not discuss everything, but will only discuss points that are not less important. Namely about the type of market . 

It is important that you understand this type of market so that later you can map them by type, so you can easily set marketing strategies that are right for each of these markets.

Here are 3 types of market that you should know in order to determine a fixed marketing technique

1. Cold Market
What is cold market? If you translate it into Indonesian it means "cold market". Not a cold market atmosphere huh hehe, the point is the market or traffic or your potential customers really do not know about your product.

They have never seen, never heard of, let alone bought your product. 

Now to this type of market then you have to let them know in advance about your product. You can promote without selling them, all you have to do is let them know about your product and make them aware of the importance of your product.

2. Warm Market
If they already know about your product and are starting to be curious about your product, it means they have entered a warm market phase or a market that has begun to be interested in the products you offer.

Usually they have started commenting on your social media posts, or contact you via WhatsApp to just ask about your product, even though they don't buy right away.

This type of market has the potential to become your buyer, just keep following up, provide education about your product, or attractive offers about your product.

3. Hot Market
The latter are those who have felt the benefits of your product or service. And this market has the potential to be a loyal buyer or your regular customers, as long as they really feel the benefits of your services and products.

The first impression of your product and service will determine this type of market going forward. If they feel disappointed with your products and services then they can be sure they will never come back to you.

But on the contrary, if they feel satisfied it is very possible they will buy again and again who will eventually become your customers, and even more cool they are willingly recommending your products to their friends.

Now that's 3 types of markets that you must understand, recognize your current market types, are they still in a cold market position, or warm market, or even have entered a hot market?

Do not let you make a promo that should be for the hot market but targeted at the cold market, it won't connect! Your offer will be ignored because they still don't know about your product.

So it is important to know the type of market, because only then will you be easier to edit according to their type.

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