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Tips on Using WhatsApp Marketing for Business


Tips on Using WhatsApp Marketing for Business

Tips on Using WhatsApp Marketing for Business

As we know WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most widely used messaging applications today. Of course it is not surprising that business people today also use WhatsApp as a medium for marketing activities. In fact WhatsApp is the most installed application by Nigerians, surpassing Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. Until now WhatsApp is the largest chat application in the world with a number of users reaching nearly 6 billion, and the number continues to grow. Here are some interesting statistics regarding whatsapp:
  • 1.60 Billion Active Users Per Month Worldwide
  • 133 Countries that use Whatsapp as the main promo channel
  • 3 Million Big Companies Using Whatsapp Business
  • 23 Hours Per Day people accessing Whatsapp
This means that Whatsapp has the potential to increase your sales turnover. 

You can do a Broadcast Mass throughout all your customers, to just say hello or to offer other promo products. There is a slight difference between the normal WhatsApp application and WhatsApp marketing, even though the operating principle is the same, so you need to have it by downloading on the Play Store. Registering a WhatsApp Business Account Like WhatsApp as usual, businesses also need access to phone numbers in order to be used. It is better to use a special number for this business application, because differentiating personal and business WhatsApp numbers will not make you confused in running it.

If you have already created a WhatsApp Business account, then all that remains is to think about how to make marketing techniques with WA more optimal. Here Are Some Tips to Maximize WhatsApp Marketing for Your Business Needs

Change Business Profile
Of course, if you are able to enter into the application, you must create a description that suits your business. starting from the name of the company, the location of the store or office, photos, categories, and also the website. If you have set all of these things you can save them so they don't disappear.

Make Away Massage
Away massage is a feature that greatly helps businesses to stay connected to consumers even though the service is being closed, with automatic answers that will be given to customers who send messages. 

The trick is to open the settings menu then select business settings and then activate the check mark for the away massage feature. You can make your own replies in accordance with the company / store owned.

Make a Greeting Massage
Besides away massage, the greeting massage feature also greatly helps business managers to establish more harmonious communication relationships with customers. 

This feature will automatically send a message to customers who have gone 14 days without contact with your account. how to activate it is to open the settings, then select business settings then click check greeting massage. Just like away massage, you can also write your own answer message.

Create Broadcast Messages
Broadcast messages are features that should not be wasted in WhatsApp marketing, because broadcast messages are very important to support your business. 

Making this message is very easy, just need to tap the new broadcast button then mark all the contacts you want to send the message to. There is no maximum limit of contacts that can be sent so you are free to send in any amount. 

The most important thing is, make sure your message is interesting so that customers are interested in reading it, because if it's not interesting customers will usually only open the message without reading it.

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