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Being a student in a Nigerian institution, particularly the pubic ones is hardship on its own. The educational system in Nigeria is bad. A country where a strike lingered for 11 months and the government made little or no effort to put an end to it. Being a student under such a condition can really be difficult. And for some people, it is almost impossible.

In this article, I will be walking you through some tips on how to develop yourself as a Nigerian student. If you follow through this article religiously you are definitely going to see positive changes in you even while still being a student.


 Setbacks That Reduce Nigerian Students Development

  • Inadequate infrastructure

Major sectors of Nigeria lack enough funds to ensure the smooth and successful running of the country. The educational sector is not an exception, the yearly allocation of money in the national budget to the educational sector is insufficient. This will negatively affect the condition of infrastructure available to students and will make the entire learning process uncomfortable.

  • Overcrowding

Due to the lack of building infrastructure, the available buildings for learning is small compared to the number of students willing to learn. In some schools, the ratio of students to teachers is 10 - 1. Learning in an overcrowded condition will either favour the teacher or student.

  • Untrained and inexperienced lecturers and teachers: 

What students learn about a topic in the classrooms matters. Mostly on how a teacher presents and explains a topic. Inexperienced and untrained teachers will fail to explain a topic clearly for a student to understand.

  • Gender inequality: 

Some people are discriminated against, mostly the female gender. They have deprived some opportunities in their learning environment this will make them uncomfortable and will most likely not develop as a student.

How to develop yourself as a student in Nigeria

1.      Set goals

Goals are what gives us purpose to continue going forward in life. Having goals is one thing, having an achievable goal is another. Don't give yourself a target that'll be almost impossible or impossible to reach. Most people setting unachievable goals end up achieving nothing. I'll advise you to take a weekend off and calculate your available resources and set an achievable goal. 

2.      Make Research

Making personal research makes you have a vast knowledge about many aspects of life. Many students always limit themselves to just school and educational works and activities. Always make research and learn everything about life. Make research on career, self-development, time management and other topics that will increase your knowledge base and value.

3.      Always be ready to learn 

Albert Einstein once said, "the day you stop learning, that's the day you die". As a student, you must be always ready to learn at least one positive lesson every day. Learning is not only limited to classrooms as you go about your daily routines always try to learn positive things from people around you. As a student passing through school, you are not meant to learn academically but also socially and morally so you can impact positively on society when you graduate from school. 

4.      Learn Good Social Skills

Learning good social skills increases the rate of development as a student. Good communication skills and teamwork will make you relate with people fluently and you also learn from your team members as you relate with them well. 

5.      Socialize with the right people

Evil communication corrupt good manners. Although it is good to socialize and relate with people, always keep the good ones as close friends. Because when a good person socializes with bad people, one of the two ends up influencing the other. It is most likely the bad one influencing the good ones with their character. So, it is advisable to stay away from people with negative characters. 

6.      Be committed

Anything you give your 100% attention to you always get a 100% result from it. Being committed to your schoolwork, research and other activities that will develop you as a student always yields 100%. Always commit 100%-time, attention and resources to your school work and you will always get a good result. 

7.      Gain work experience from your intended field

Getting work experience before or while studying a course, gives your practical experience of what the field is all about. This gives you more insight and understanding of the course. You are going to perform well in the field because you can relate all that you are learning into practice and real-life scenarios. 

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In conclusion, development is a quick result scheme. It's a process, so you have to make sure you take your time and undergo every step diligently and there must definitely be a positive change in you as a student. 


About the Author

Chukwuma Okafor is an entrepreneur, writer, internet enthusiast with the goal of making the internet have positive effect on the society. A computer technician that uses technology and writing to give back to humanity. He is regular content creator at insight.ng.


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